How to connect HP Printer to Apple Laptop

HP Printers are the most popular printers all over the world. HP was created by American electronic company Hewlett-Packard. It is in extremely high demand everywhere. These printers comes with very advance technology. And so they even enhance their quality and performance time and energy to time. 2 kinds of HP printers are available in market which are inkjet and laser-jet printers. 3d printers were firstly introduced in the market by HP. If you are a unique user for this you can contact on HP Printer tech support number. The technical professionals give suitable options towards the customer.


The Macbook&Macbook Pro laptops from apple has given two USB Ports by which it is possible to connect your HP Printer. Your Macbook should have the Macintosh OS X Operating System which is sold with pre-installed software for a lot of printers. If the laptop don’t have that you then have to download a additional software for connecting your printer. After successfully adding HP Printer to your apple laptop, it’s going to always automatically recognize the HP Printer if you connect it.


Below are the steps allowing you to connect your HP Printer to the apple laptop:


  1. Launch the “Apple” menu and look when it comes to software updates for printers just in case if you missed any.
  2. switch on the HP Printer.
  3. Connect it to your laptop through the USB Cable that is included with printer.
  4. Open “System Preferences” from the Apple Menu.
  5. Click on “Print & Fax”.
  6. Click on the lock icon into the lower left corner.
  7. Enter Username and Password.
  8. Click from the plus icon that is below “Printers” menu.
  9. Select HP Printer & click on “Add”.
  10. HP printer is supposed to be connected to your Apple Laptop.


These Printers produce excellent quality in publications outs. And they use latest and advance technologies. By performing listed here steps it is possible to install your HP Printer on the apple laptop. Many people face problem while installing it due to the advance technology. You can contact on HP Printer customer support. You will be provided the most effective service. If you have any other doubts regarding connections, HP printer or Apple laptops you can easily ask them about that also.